January 10, 2011

Five Weird Things You Probably Didn't Want To Know About Me

 1. When I'm eating, I need my food to be even. Say if there are different components to a dish (like meat, lettuce, cheese in a taco), I need there to be some of each part in every bite. If I was eating ice cream from the carton, I would try and make the ice cream stay level by eating from each side. Same for a piece of cake. I don't like my food to touch either. Hey, I said I was weird. 

2. If I find food crumbs on the ground or in the kids room, I often will throw them in the toilet and leave them for Not Blessed Dad to discover. Why? I really couldn't tell you. Sometimes stuff starts looking really weird, which is oddly satisfying. Only once did he comment- "What, did someone forget to flush after they pooped?"- which was a big let-down.

3. I barely watch any tv, I just don't like it. But sometimes I will start watching a show and get really involved in it, and I don't even know why. I don't have any shows at the moment, but past favorites have been Sons of Anarchy, Deadliest Catch, True Blood, Nip/Tuck, and Iron Chef (the original- 'cuz I'm old school). 

4. I only wear 2 hats. This itself is not odd, but they are both hats that look like cat heads. I think this may be odd. 
This is my new one, but mine is white. Uh, the hat. 

5. I don't refer to any of the bedrooms in the house as mine. People always laugh when I refer to the master bedroom as my husbands- but I'm a bed-hopper. We're breastfeeding-co-sleeping-attachment-parenting people, so I always have Spawn#3 sleeping with me (he's three, almost 4). Sometimes I sleep in N.B.Daddy's room with Spawn#3. Sometimes I sleep in Spawn#1's room with his siblings- sometimes, I sleep with Spawn#2 and #3 in Spawn#2's room. It's complicated. And not. 

Now, what about you, my dear mama friends? I'd love to hear about how weird you are, or about how I'm the only one. If you post your list, link up here so I can be sure to read it!


  1. I replaced smoking cigarettes by eating Altoid mints 5 at at time.

  2. Funny! The hat part, especially! I am pretty weird too but if I listed my weirdness it would get long and complicated in a heartbeat!

  3. I like to eat all my food separately. I'm better at eating "normally" now, but when it comes to sandwiches especially... I have a hard time not picking each ingredient off individually to eat. Except the condiments.
    It must be hereditary, because now my daughter does the same with her sandwiches. Except, because she's only two, she even scrapes the PB or jelly off with her four fingers and eats that, then goes for the bread. :)

  4. I think the kitty hats would cheer up anyone whose path you crossed :)
    If you're interested, I know of a bike helmet company that could make one with kitty ears as well!

  5. Most people would think this is really weird but we love it. My husband & I have had our own brand of "Sleep Number" beds before "Sleep Number" beds were even invented. We have two queen size beds that are pushed next to each other to make one very large bed. My mattress is like mama bears bed, very soft with lots of soft cushy pillows covered with two fluffy comforters. My husband's is very hard with lots of hard flat pillows and a very lightweight bedspread. Occationally I'll fall asleep in his bed when we're watching TV together but I always crawl back to my cozy bed. I smother myself with soft pillows and warm comforters when I wake up during the night.

  6. Love your weird things post! Adorable Hat....I would wear it too. And I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one that bed hops. I'm sleeping with my son most nights.
    I have posted on my blog an Award I have chosen to give you. The Stylish blogger award! Stop by at Amy's Life www.amyclairejacob.blogspot.com
    I really enjoy visiting your blog!

  7. Thank God I'm not alone! I do the same thing with the equal food thing!! I HAVE to have a bite of everything on my plate and MUST end with a little piece of everything on my fork. My hubby always makes fun of me but it's my little quirk and everything tastes better : )

    P.S I'm a new reader, can't wait to read more! : )

  8. hmmm, I'm the same way about ice cream but I don't think other food...we all have weird things or two, I'm sure I have many but I can't think of them at the moment but thanks for sharing yours :)

  9. oh thank god someone else is admitting to the even food thing! I have to keep everything even and get some of everything in one bite. This has produced some awesome tasting cakes as of lately but before that I was jsut another wierdo. I also have to eat solored food in groups. skittles, for example I will pour out the whole bag and make as many groupings of all the colors as possible and work my way down to smaller and smaller groups till there is only one and then eat them in reverse order. It makes me CRAZY when the spawn or hubby try and take one! Yeah I know, that's completely odd....


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