December 12, 2011

For Donna

This post is sponsored by The American Cancer Society.

You guys know I'm not too crazy about sponsored posts or product reviews. I don't like having to say what someone else wants just for money or free items. I'm sure I would if Mike's Hard Lemonade contacted me, or some other cool company (Disneyland? Hello?), but the opportunity just hasn't come along.

Until I saw this. The American Cancer Society is asking for help to get their message out- and how could I refuse? And when I read about this topic, I thought of Donna.

I don't know Donna- I've never met her, and I never will. Sweet Donna's life was lost to an agressive brain tumor, and I only know her beautiful story because her mom (Mary Tyler Mom) shared it on-line. In honor of Children's Cancer Awareness Month (back in September), she wrote a post every day about Donna's 31 months of treatment. I read them all. I cried, many times. It was heart wrenching- but I couldn't stop. I had to- for Donna.

So today, I dedicate this post to Donna and all of the children worldwide who fight this terrible disease. I can't imagine anything worse than losing a child- I can't imagine anything more impossible than eloquently sharing that story on-line with others. For all of the Donnas in the world, please watch this video. Sweet Donna, you don't know how much I wished you could have had more birthdays.


  1. I have seen a bunch of those commercials, always make me choked up.

  2. thank you, ladies. so much!
    mrs tuna, watching the videos made me tear up too. even with ricky martin's ridiculous hotness.

  3. That commercial will forever mean so much more now. Thank you for sharing. Hugs to Donna's family.


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