December 22, 2011

So, It's Christmas.

I'm not quite sure how it happened, but Christmas is indeed this weekend. I must have been sucked into a time warp this year because SERIOUSLY HOW IS IT CHRISTMAS???

I have to say, I've been delighted lately that people have wound up on my blog searching for my antique Victorian Wal-Mart Christmas village. It's one of my favorite decorations. 

My daughter set the table with our Christmas dishes. She's such a sweetheart. The only time the table has been set in the last 3 years was because of her. 

We made gingerbread people. And I'm such a good mom, I sat on my hands and let the Spawn do what they wanted instead of trying to recreate the beautiful creation on the box. 

And we got a real tree this year! Fortunately the kids wanted to decorate it, because I was exhausted after wrangling that thing into it's stand. Serious, do you know how much real trees weigh? Then it left a massive trail of needles after I dragged it into the house. Totally worth it though.
What? The lights are out on the bottom half? SHUT UP.

And here is the Spawn's Christmas picture. I always order pictures and never send out cards, so here ya go. 

From the Not Blessed Family to yours, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. 


  1. The spawn defiantly look like they are angling for the nice list rather than naughty.

  2. My favorite thing to do is a craft "with" my kids, wherein I set everything up for them to express their creativity, then proceed to tell them exactly how to do everything, every step of the way.

    Then I feel guilty about it.

    Happy holidays to you my shining beacon of hope.


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