November 4, 2011

Not Blessed Mama's Unwanted and Unsolicited Product Review: Bio Sphere Living Ecosystem

It's not often that I stumble upon a product that makes me want to sing it's praises to high heaven. (Not since the glorious Suave Dry Shampoo post. And do you want to know what Suave said when I e-mailed them that I wrote a slightly wildly popular blog post about them? "Thanks! Sign up for our mailing list to receive special offers and information!" Bastards.) Anywho, recently we ordered something I am totally in love with. And of course, I had to share it with you, my dear mama friends.

You know that we love pets in the Not Blessed household. You've seen our guinea pigs and cyborg cat, and if you didn't, that's a shame because I am too lazy to go dig up the pictures. But animals are a lot of work- kind of like children. You feed them, you clean up their poop, and all they do is make a mess and look cute. And make lots of irritating noises.

Well, Not Blessed Mama is SO TIRED OF CLEANING UP POOP. There's poop everywhere. Guinea pig poop, fish poop, cat poop, and if I'm unlucky, human poop. So much poop. Definitely too much.

 Enter our new "pets":

It's the Bio Sphere Living Ecosystem from Hearthsong. Look! It's cute little tiny shrimps, living in a sealed container. No feeding- no pooping- no dying- just cute little shrimps swimming around! It's a little pricey at thirty dollars, but it sure as hell is worth it to have some animals in the house that won't stink up the place and rip holes in your sofa.

And these things are hardy. I accidentally left them outside overnight (or two nights) (or three) when I was trying to get them some indirect sunlight, and they survived. The only thing you have to do for these suckers is open the sphere once a month for the first 3 months to give them some air- and that's it! The directions said they live a long time too, like 4 years. I'm not sure exactly how long, since we spilled water on the directions and tossed them. I don't even really know what they eat, which kind of makes me a failure since this was bought with my homeschool funds. But forget all that! Do not buy your kid a cat- or a guinea pig- or a dog. Buy them some friendly little crustaceans and enjoy the easy life of a shrimp owner.

This is not a paid or sponsored post. Bio Sphere and Hearthsong do not know me- please do not tell them I am writing about them, or they'd probably send me a cease-and-desist letter. 


  1. Love it! My kid would enjoy watching the sphere. I think I'll get one (as soon as I gather some money, that is).

  2. Ooooh! I absolutely love this! I think some children of mine will be receiving one for Christmas. They keep asking for a dog, eventually my ignoring them is not going to go unnoticed.

  3. I got an ecosphere 5 years ago and my hubbie broke it (back when they were 70 dollars mind you) and I transplanted them to a spongebob fish bowl, those little things are still alive! They are the hardiest animals ever! I have had them longer than any pet lol. And all I do is refill their evaporated water!

  4. This is SO much better than the little frogs that are supposedly "maintenance free." So far two frogs have died (both under suspicious circumstances, but that's another story) and I've had to replace the snail more times than I can count. And so much for not cleaning it. The rocks turn black.

    But I must say, the one frog that's made it has been hanging on for about 2 years. Which seems pretty impressive.

  5. Oh wow! This is the answer I have been waiting for!!!! Wonder if I can get one on Amazon or eBay. If so, I am all OVER that puppy!!! uh... errr... I mean... shrimp. he he

    Thanks Super NBM! You have save my sanity once again!

  6. Ok, this does it. I'm getting one for the hubby's desk at work. I LOVE animals that need lots of tending to so I'd be totally bored with these adorable shrimp but they are right up the DH's alley!

    Thanks for the review, I'm afraid I'm now hooked on your blog.

  7. My biology teacher had one of those in HS and I can not wait til my kids are old enough to own and take care of one. I'm afraid I'll kill it! But I love them none the less!

  8. Seriously ladies, the shrimp ball is the best. It's totally worth the $40 bucks for a pet that won't die. Who even cares what it is!
    (But that is too bad about the frogs, I was going to order one.)

  9. Dude you make me laugh out loud. I'm totally buying one of those. That shit is RAD.

    We have very hearty pets. That's all I'm sayin.

    Part camel as well, I think. Since they pretty much never get water...and yet. They live.

    I shouldn't have said that out loud.


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