September 15, 2011

A Day In The Life: Not Blessed Mama Edition

Not too long ago, I saw my pal Razing Mayhem say that she was going to participate in a photo challenge- and I'm way too lazy to go back and look at what it was or who started it, but it was something along the lines of taking a picture every hour for one day.

I know that you, my loyal reader, must be very fascinated by Not Blessed Mama's rock-star lifestyle. I know you're just wondering every day- what's N.B.M. doing? Where is she today? What's she wearing, who's she with? I am here to answer your burning questions, my dears. Because I love you, and that's what I do. Here is a day in the life of the Not Blessed family. (Okay, all these pics were not taken exactly one hour apart- I'm not a robot. But I tried.)

9 a.m.
Since we co-sleep, I am awakened each morning with a loving smile. I then roll over and tell that loving smile that I am still tired, and to leave me alone.

10 a.m.
I always make sure my kids start the day with a nutritious breakfast, like an ice cream sandwich. You think I'm kidding.

11 a.m.
We're playing with these kid's meal toys from Sonic. Tot-dinosaurs. What crackhead designed these?

12 p.m.
Come to mama, delicious caffeinated beverage. You have no idea how much I enjoyed this. (Or how I'm still wide awake at 2 a.m.- thanks, caffeine.)
1 p.m.
Homeschooling- my kids love workbooks so much, they eat them up! Like, literally gnawing!

2 p.m.
Enjoying the internet. There's my Facebook page, my Words With Friends (username notblessedmama), and a Twitter conversation I greatly enjoyed.  Genie In a Blog called Dr. Pepper "DP"- much to my shock and delight. An interesting conversation ensued, which ended with Dr. Pepper following me, which made me self conscious about the DP jokes.

3 p.m.
Play-Doh kitties. Don't judge the messy hair and dirty fingernails, she didn't go anywhere.

4 p.m.
Snuggle time. I suppose you can tell who is the mama's boy in this house.

5 p.m.
What he would do all day and all night (every day), if I let him.

6 p.m.
 Pancakes for dinner- you didn't exactly catch me on a proud food day.

7 p.m.
Putting my feet up, playing Words With Friends.

8 p.m.
 Rewarding myself with my Subway card from Klout Perks. Spawn#3 insisted on wearing red white and blue swim trunks, an orange shirt with some peyote inspired desert scene, and a plastic bag as an Adventure Time backpack. The writing on his arm is a watch.

9 p.m.
What's on my table: markers, drawings, popcorn and a cat.

10 p.m.
Yeah, my kids sleep until 9 in the morning- but that means this is what they look like at 10 at night.

11 p.m.
Cleaning the guinea pig cage at 11- because what else would I be doing? Sleeping?

12 a.m.
 Got up after the kids went to sleep to do the dishes- decided to stick my head in the oven instead.

1 a.m.
 Me bloggin' it up for you, and loving my 2nd best friend (everyone knows my iPhone holds they key to my heart).

2-4 a.m.
No photos- Instagram quit exporting my pictures, and then Blogger quit letting me insert said pictures where I desired. It was not pretty.

And that's it! An exciting peek into the life of Not Blessed Mama. Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. I don't feel so guilty for letting my child eat chips/soda for breakfast now. :D

  2. You have a Hello Kitty toaster! My kids would go nuts.

    We had a killer whale tot. My kids were not impressed, but they are crazy about dinosaurs. Maybe i'm just looking for a good excuse to go to Sonic.

    A long time ago I put on FB that I would give anything for a DP and I got all kinds of innuendo responses. I was so naive.

    I still love that your grandma texted you.

  3. Squeeblies!! I love it. Can I come live with you? *sigh*

  4. May just say how much I love you? Will you please be my new BFF? Puh-lease?

  5. Oh ladies. I love you all. I have no idea what I did to deserve such lovely readers and friends!

  6. I love this! And I love you. Unemployment means I get to stalk you more consistently! #ohyeah

  7. Ice cream sandwiches for breakfast? Will you be my mommy?

    PS. Pancakes for dinner rock. I much prefer breakfast at dinnertime!

  8. Breakfast for dinner is the bomb. We're actually aiming for ham and eggs tonight. The joy of being empty nesters.

  9. Really enjoyed getting to know you through this. But God woman, I got tired just reading it. Get some sleep!


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