April 22, 2011

Happy Hippie Day!

Everyone knows that Not Blessed Mama is one of those Earth lovin' tree huggin' hairy legged hippies. Everyday is Earth Day in the N.B.M. household- we do what we can year round. But I realize that today is the day for lecturing the people driving in their Hummers and NOT hugging trees, so I feel it's important to do my part.
So, would you like to know what the environmentally friendly N.B.M. family is doing this Earth Day?
Going shopping.
That's right, going shopping. But not just anywhere- we're going thrift store shopping, one of my favorite past times. If you don't thrift- WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Get on it! There are a ton of reasons to shop second hand (not to mention it's super cool and trendy these days).
-You'll be saving the planet (duh!). My number one rule for being green is to reduce. If I can keep something out of a landfill for a little longer- go me!
- You can buy stuff for super cheap. The cost of everything, including breathing, is expected to go up this year. Don't waste money on a new pair of Gap jeans when you could be saving it for something else- like food. Which is also getting more expensive.
- Many items in thrift stores are as good as new. My Spawn destroy their clothing 5 seconds after they put it on. I'd be very upset to see a new $15 dress stained with mud. A new $2 dress? Eh.
- Resale, baby. At a thrift store once, I bought a pair of Hanna Andersson tights for less than $2. When we were done with them, I sold them on E-bay for over $20. Not only do you get to enjoy name brands for less, you may make a buck off of your purchases as well.
- Take it back! Most thrift stores accept donations on site. When you go shopping, take in a bag of your cast-offs. Now you're being charitable AND green. You're so awesome.

Here's Spawn#3 in a recent thrift purchase: total for the outfit, $.99. 

So get out there and do your part by shopping! Mother Earth will thank you for it.


  1. Yes, I guess I am pretty awesome. :0) And here I thought it was just a nifty hobby. Upsides to doin' what ya love. <3

    You rock, woman. I am proud to call you friend. ;0)

    PS: I did my celebration yesterday. Bought a bunch of Gymboree items, a Flapadoodle, and even scored an Indygo! all for about 50c a piece. Can we say PROFIT? Oh ya! OH and I got some items for my own kids. Hehehehehe

  2. Aww, thanks Kidlit! <3
    We hit up the 50% off kids sale today. Spent $17 and I don't even know what we got! Probably 10 pairs of shorts, a dress and a swimsuit, some books and a couple gift bags. Yeay for thrifting!
    I mean, Yeay for Earth Day!

  3. So I actually wound up with 17 articles of clothing, 3 gift bags and 3 books for $17. One item was a new with tags $20 pair of Gymboree swim trunks- score!

  4. I love, love, LOVE thrift shopping!!! I got an entire maternity wardrobe for $45. $45!! That is the price of ONE top at Motherhood Maternity! Once I got a matching skirt/top ensemble for Ivy for 25 cents! Who would not love that???

  5. Catching up on what I missed in April, and your line "Everything is getting more expensive, including breathing" had me actually laughing out loud! Great post. I love thrift store shopping too - especially because I feel the same way you do about not having to worry about if the kids destroy the clothes.

    After thinking about it a moment, I wondered: Does this mean we're letting our children do things the other moms don't? Every mom allows their children to play in mud, drink red Kool-Aid and color one another with sidewalk chalk right???


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