April 1, 2011

{this moment}

Last night, I went to flush the toilet. Several boys had gone to the bathroom.
Something bad happened.
I will leave it up to your imagination. Then Not Blessed Daddy yelled for me to plunge the toilet and went back to sleep. Then I went and beat him in the face with the dirty plunger.
Then Spawn#3 woke up with a fever and needed to be held.
It was a long night.
Then I finally laid down and my nipple started hurting. My mind raced- mastitis? Thrush?

Nope. Lego crystal. In my bra.
I wish this was an April Fools Joke. It's not. April 1st, I hate you.
The End.


  1. Nice. Owwwwieeee!!!! Hope the rest of your day goes well. ;0)

  2. Haha. Well, I guess I didn't REALLY beat him with the plunger. But I wanted to!
    The menfolk had to take the toilet OFF to get it unclogged!

  3. This is my life, haha! Oh my gosh, I'm sorry for laughing so hard.

  4. That'll leave a mark. Maybe get even by putting legos in their jock straps.

  5. Just found you from World's Worst Mom blog.

    Am your newest follower, and am I glad there's another Mommy out there who would like to to beat Daddy with a plunger :)

  6. You lay down with a bra? That alone sounds mighty uncomfy.... the second I lay down that bad boy gets flung across the room LOL


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