February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday... And A Few Words

Yup. Sharpie. 
Is that a jellyfish?


  1. is that sharpie on wood floor? I think I'd lose a gasket!

  2. YOUR NEW FLOOR!! Will it come out? :0o

    There is such fine line between "encouraging their creativity open mindedly" and "holding back from beating the holy crap out of them!!"

  3. I was ready to beat the holy hell out of someone, Kidlit! But taking a picture first (for documentation reasons) really helps you to hold it together for a minute until you don't feel like murdering anyone anymore. ;)
    It all came out- with lots of elbow grease, yelling, and 3 generic Mr. Clean Magic Erasers!

  4. I know this will sound like a dumb fix but use dry eraser board markers. Somehow that fixes a bunch of no no markers at our house. Perhaps marker fairies.


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