February 21, 2011

Oh Em Gee, I Am Like Totally Famous

Who knew this would happen? I never expected anything like this when I started blogging. I am simply amazed!

I'm sure you know who this is- everyone does. Well, check this out-

This is a screen shot of my inbox- can you believe Jennifer Anniston sent me an e-mail?!?! I'm flabbergasted. I'm shocked. How did she find out about me? Is my blog circulating in celebrity circles? This is my big break!
And pay no attention to the "Boobs as big as balloons" e-mail, that's spam. I swear. 

I'm a little disappointed though. Jenn must be one of those celebrities who doesn't know how to use a computer. Here's the body of that e-mail:

Please don't click on that link, I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be between me and Jenn.

What is up with spammers these days? I've got 530 e-mails in my spam box right now, ranging from: 
-prescription drugs (Codeine or Viagra or Canadian-Pharmacy)
-lawsuits against prescription drugs (Avandia and Paxil)
-penis enlargement
-disability and unemployment claims
-dating sites and HOT GIRLS LIVE
-the requisite Nigerian officials that have US 1 MILLION DOLLARS for me if I simply send them my name, address, phone number and bank account

And many, many more. I have no idea how spamming can even be profitable. What dude clicks on an e-mail promising him 3+ inches and decides to enter his credit card number? Who is that stupid? And poor Nigeria. They've really gotten a bad rap from those damn spammers, and I think they deserve better.
And obviously someone is spreading nasty rumors about Not Blessed Mama, as I got spam for both hip replacement recalls and dating sites for singles over 40. AHEM, Not Blessed Mama is barely a day over thirty (Ok, thirty two).
So spammers, please- can you all take a flying leap off a tall cliff? Or find something productive to do with your lives- like..... pretty much anything other than what you do now. Thanks.


  1. Oh you soooo had me! I was SURE Jennifer had read your blog. Damn. Nigeria scam? You mean, that money order is no good?!?!?


  2. Oh, that's funny.
    The sad thing is all the people that DO send info to those people - there are a lot, apparently!

    And YES, I was a 90s teen - that's awesome that you have your 9yr old singing Collective Soul ;) I have a few "current" bands that I've fallen for, but it's mostly the 90s rock that gets me too.

  3. I hate spam, but that is pretty darn clever way to get people to open it up!

  4. Haha, Kidlit, you flatter me. Don't think my blog is JA's cup of tea.
    Brownie, it is a pretty good idea. It was the first celeb name I had ever seen, so kudos to creativity!
    LE, I guess anyone dumb enough to buy Viagra from an e-mail deserves what they get!

  5. I wouldn't think a big celebrity would have so much time to be a major spammer. Disappointing really.


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