February 18, 2011

Do You Take Cheese With Your Coffee?

I must admit, this week had a bit of a rough start. You may have read that I didn't have the best start to my V-Day, or you may have been too busy going out to dinner and eating chocolates and cuddling in front of a fire or whatever romantic foolishness you were participating in (but I forgive you). That day just kept going downhill- I was exhausted from not sleeping, the Spawn were high on a sugar rush all day, Not Blessed Daddy did not call or text (and when I finally briefly spoke to him, he suggested I go buy myself a valentine's present). Needless to say, I was pretty peeved by day's end. It was a bad note to start the week on.
I was making a conscious effort to cheer up and not mentally strangle the Spawn. It was working, somewhat- but the house was a mess, I was tired, and just down. So on Wednesday night when the Spawn called me to the table for a snack, I dragged myself over and plopped wearily down.
Spawn#2 told me that since I worked so hard every day she was going to do something nice for me. There were napkins, silverware, 2 plates of cheese and crackers and salami and strawberries (and some strawberry juice infused crackers- ick). It was very sweet. There were also two cups of coffee milk, which is a packet of sweetened instant coffee we mix with rice milk. Sadly, there were quite a few bits of shredded cheese floating in both glasses. Being the loving mother I am, I drank from the straw and attempted to not gag as I felt the cheese in my mouth. Coffee and cheese do not make a good combination. 
We were enjoying a lovely little snack time when Spawn#2 tried to take a sip from one cup as I was (attempting) to drink from the other. All of a sudden she blurted out, "There's CHEESE in this coffee milk!!!" and I lost it. I tried to laugh but I had a mouth full of cheesey coffee milk. I threw my hand over my mouth and attempted to stifle it, but I began choking. A huge TORRENT of liquid shot out of my mouth and nose, as I sputtered and coughed and laughed and gasped. I still couldn't quit laughing, even as I was choking and unable to catch my breath- and I could feel all three of the worried Spawn's stares upon me. 
I finally got all of the fluids removed from my nose, and continued to laugh hysterically with a napkin covering my face. It was like a damn broke. I felt the stress lifting from my body as the tears rolled down my face- all while the Spawn looked like they were about to call 911 because their mama had finally jumped off the deep end. I finally choked out a few words- "She.... said ... there's ch.. ch... ch.. chee.... cheese in the coffee!" and all of the kids joined in my laughter, finally relieved to know that I was still sane (or as sane as I ever was). 


  1. Laughed out loud and that's a rarity for me. Kids always seem to come through just when you need them too. Peace.

  2. That's cute! I bet it felt good to laugh like that.

  3. I don't think that I could have drank the cheesy coffee. A good laugh can usually make things better.

  4. Wow... I just laughed myself to tears. Thank you for that. :)

  5. Hey, in my book everything goes with coffee


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