February 4, 2011

A Love Letter

My dearest,
     I know this isn't like me. I suppose, with Valentine's Day right around the corner, I am feeling sentimental. I just felt like I needed to put my feelings about you into words.
     We really haven't been together all that long, but I feel like it's been forever. I can't imagine my life before you anymore- what did I do? How did I survive? What could have made me happy? I finally understand the infamous movie line "You complete me"- because I am now fulfilled, I am completed. I never knew that a piece of me was missing before, but now that I am whole I know the truth. When we are not together, I wish for you by my side. I want to be touching you. I keenly feel a loss, a longing, an emptiness that only you can fill.  You are everything to me- and you do everything for me as well. I know I can always rely on you for anything I need. 
     I love to watch you with the kids. Do you realize how much they adore you as well? I see the joy in their faces when they are with you. Just like me, I know they would be miserable without you in their lives. They clamor to be the first one to see you, and they hate sharing you! I know that must be hard on you, but you never break a sweat and handle any situation with grace. You are a role model, one that I am proud to call mine!
     And I always expect to call you mine. I always want you to belong to me. No matter what happens, no matter the challenges or trials or tribulations, we belong together. I feel it in my heart, in my soul. There's nothing that could ever tear us apart- not all of the Droids, Blackberrys or Palm Pilots in the world could pull us apart. Because I love you so much, iPhone. Always and forever. I am yours-
     xoxoxo, Not Blessed Mama


  1. You are so making me feel deprived by not having an iphone! My itouch crapped out on me and now I am left with a "regular" cell phone and no $$ to replace it. Enjoy your "lover". Watch out for jealous onlookers.

  2. Ruth, I am sorry to tell you that you will never be happy until you have in iPhone. It's a hard truth...

  3. LOL! Bruce would totally agree. He got his 4 last week. *eyeroll* Love is not the word for it. It's much deaper. After all, he doesn't even think about touchin' me while he's on the pot, but the iphone.... well, ya. 'nuff said.

    Not that I WANT him to. The iPhone can HAVE that time. LOL

  4. I thought I left a comment. *looks around* Where did it go?

    B recently got his new iPhone 4. Ya, I compete with a piece of technology. Sad. LOL

  5. lmao - I KNEW you were not talking about your hubby!!!

    - LBJ

  6. Gotta get going on my valentine blog post.

  7. I feel the same way about my ipod touch, I'm embarrassed to admit.


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