July 26, 2012

Not Blessed Mama's Unwanted and Unsolicited Product Review: Do You Have $3?

I swear that this is the best three dollars I EVER SPENT IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE.

So- water balloons. My Spawn love water balloons, of course. Who doesn't? I don't. I freaking hate water balloons. They take 5 hours to blow up and the kids pop them all in 30 seconds. They always break when you try to force them on the faucet. My fat little fingers get sore trying to tie them. I just really, really hate them. They're way more of a hassle than they're worth. My kids just have to go without. And I don't even give a shit.

Until about a month ago. When I bought the most amazing thing that 3 dollars could ever buy. This. This glorious piece of plastic- The Kaos Tie Not Water Balloon Filler.

This thing is genius. IT'S GENIUS. You stick it on your garden hose, stick a balloon on it, fill up the balloon and twist it around the contraption- then you pull it off and the balloon is tied. It's tied. If you don't think this is amazing, let me tell you: the first day we got this, my 5 year old sat still for over half an hour and filled up a whole tub of water balloons himself. By himself. Quietly, with no supervision from me. All 3 of my Spawn have been using this thing all the time- they love it. They have water balloon fights with the neighborhood kids and have an awesome time- and best of all, leave me alone while they do it. That alone is worth way more than three bucks. I got mine at Wal-Mart. They're available on-line, but they're more expensive. 

We've had this over a month now and it's still going strong. I can't believe that a tiny piece of plastic has brought me such joy. Well, I can believe it- but it only cost $3 and I didn't have to lock the bathroom door. So it's a win.


I am not affiliated with Kaos and their fine water balloon products. But if I did see them, I'd probably kiss them on the mouth. This stupid thing is that goddamn awesome. I am telling you!


  1. I shall look for this IMMEDIATELY! My kids can fill the balloons up by themselves, but I always have to tie the damn things!

  2. My sentiments about water ballons are exact. We tried twice this summer and i have now hidden the water balloons. Where did you get it?

    1. Thank you MonkeyMama! I have updated the post with that vital piece of information. I got mine at Wal-Mart- it's on Amazon, but it's more expensive.

  3. Some times the cheapest things are the best value. Hopefully the little suckers won't sneak up on you and drop one from the top of the staircase on your head.

  4. Wow. I might get one. We aren't huge water balloon people, but I might be with this. Hrmmm. Thanks for the 411. ;0)

  5. Yo! What a genius idea. I see that thing, and I can again believe in a world where the kids go nuts, and I kick back with my glass o wine!

  6. Wish I'd thought of this!

    Hello, my friend! I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. You're one of my bestest blogging/Tweeting/Facebooking/WordsWithFriends friends! I think you're hilarious and other should have the opportunity to experience all that you have to offer! Have a great Sunday! Here's the link: http://wp.me/p1ANS0-9T

  7. This is a cool contraption. I am getting one!

    On another crazy note...how did I not come here sooner? I'm so confused. I didn't know you had a blog. I don't know how I was born without a brain, but obviously I was. If it weren't for Molly Field pointing it out to me I would have only been able to torture you on Facebook and Twitter. This is awesome! I love your blog.

  8. Where the frack was that when my kiddos were little-r. I'm dang well gonna go buy me one before I ever get them more balloons though. AWESOME!! You are HILARIOUS!! Made my whole day!! If I have to read through one more mushy "my beautiful kids are angels and I love to go on nature hikes and make them organic home made carrot juice sundaes and they love them" blogs I'm truly going to puke choco chunks. You are AWESOME!!


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