August 17, 2011

The Money Post

I was not sure if I would ever write the money post. I've seen it written many times- life sucks, we're poor, the end. It's the same story over here. But I thought maybe we could look at being broke in a different light- a Not Blessed Mama one.

So, you're broke. 

Did you see that new Hello Kitty purse? Doesn't matter, can't afford it. 

Do you want to go out to eat tonight? Doesn't matter, can't afford it.

Do they have that maxi dress in my size? Doesn't matter, can't afford it.

Did you hear about the Netflix price hike? Doesn't matter, can't afford it.

Did you get the new Ikea catalog? Doesn't matter, can't afford it. 

Did you see the new iPhone/Droid/Blackberry? Doesn't matter, can't afford it.

You see! When you don't have any money, life is so much simpler. Gone are the days of wasting your weekend shopping. Now is the time to stay at home, and enjoy your family. I find myself with so much more free time, now that I don't have to think about time-consuming things like vacations and going places. I never need to worry about the kids clothes and shoes being ratty, because I'm not buying any new ones. Another stock market crash? Pshaw! All of us smarties are out of money and security, and don't need to worry ourselves with such nonsense.

So, have you joined me in this new, carefree lifestyle? Let me know in the comments! Maybe we can start a club, and sing music and dance in a high school. Or something.

(Why do I feel depressed all of a sudden?)


  1. Oh oh, sign me up!

    I actually look forward to the calls from Visa - I can estimate how many hours after my due date they start calling - it's about 6. LOL

  2. I love the view. Of course why is it when you realize you have no more money for the month is when you want to go spend, spend, spend?!

  3. I've been in this club since our North Carolina fiasco. I think I'll adopt this perspective, go on a window shopping spree and gorge myself on oreos. Generic oreos.

  4. I am so freaking sick of worrying about money! Why is it the more you have, the more you worry about it? I'm not saying *I* have money, but the whole stock market crashing thing - the only people who are freaking out are the people who have millions of dollars who now have a few less million dollars. Pshaw indeed!

  5. We have always had one foot in the poor house. Here lately, it seems we have not only been completely in said house, but have been evicted and push out the otherside and that one foot is all there is keeping us from 100% destitution. What happened to this whole financial nightmare being over?!? Who ever claimed that should be shot for jinxing the rest of us. >:0(


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