March 27, 2013

The First Love Letter I Ever Wrote To A Woman: Dear Brittany Howard

Dear Brittany,

    Is it okay if I call you Brittany? I assume so, since I am here writing you a love letter and all and I don't see the need for formalities. I have been in love with you and the Alabama Shakes ever since I first heard you on the radio. It was soulful, and real and moving and rockin' and everything you'd ever want in a song (that was the masterpiece that is Hold On). Your voice- it moved me. It reminded me of Janis Joplin, and as a friend once said- Janis was awesome because she was just such a badassmotherfucker.

     A few months ago a friend mentioned that she didn't know what kind of music I liked, so I went searching for a link to send her. I found one, and I saw you for the first time. And I'll tell you- this is kind of weird, I know- but when I saw you, I felt elated.

    Now don't get me wrong here. I don't hate Taylor Swift, or that other Britney, or Carrie Underwood or Call Me Maybe girl or any of those other washboard abbed made-up to perfection musical personas that are popular right now. I really don't hate them- more power to them. But here's what I hate- that's all there is. With the exception of Adele, and isn't there that whole "exception that makes the rule" thing?

     You see Brittany, I have a daughter. A beautiful, healthy, perfect, smart, energetic daughter. She's wonderful. She's got the world at her feet and I'm excited to see where it takes her. And you wanna know the fucked up thing? The most fucked up thing EVER is that she thinks she needs to be on a diet.

     Look at that girl. She couldn't be lovelier. And she's got a strong body that climbs trees and does cartwheels and swings on monkey bars and roller skates and takes her everywhere she wants to go. I mean, she couldn't be any more amazing- and she got this horrid disgusting idea of being on a diet. AT 8 YEARS OLD. It makes me want to tear my hair out and bang on walls and Hulk smash all the electronic devices in our house with a hammer. Because she has not gotten that shitty idea at home. I am a plus sized woman and I make sure to be confident in myself and teach my kids that being a good person is what matters the most. But it doesn't look like it's enough.

     So thank you, Brittany. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being a kick ass woman who isn't a Hollywood cookie cutter stereotype. Thank you for giving my daughter someone she can look up to who won't give her self-esteem issues about not having a 6 pack. And finally, thank you for the music that stirs my soul. I am truly happy you are in this world.


  1. Okay, that makes me want to cry.

    1. It made me want to cry too. :( Thanks for reading.

  2. My 10-year old daughter hasn't been eating much lately. I thought it was because of the stomach bug that has been going around like wild-fire. After the 3rd day of eating like a bird (1-2 bites of food each meal), her 8-yr old sister finally spilled the beans and said, "She's not eating because her friends decided she needs to lose weight."

    My heart sank to the floor and I wanted to throw up. I'm twice the size of what I should be, but joined fitness & nutrition center 5 months ago and have lost 50 lbs. so far. At home we focus on making healthier choices. Foods aren't "off-limits", but we DO save certain foods for special occasions. Both daughters work out with me (some working out, mostly climbing around like monkeys, which is ok with me) a couple of times a week. I am trying to do everything for them that was never done for me.

    I remember being 10 and deciding that if I just quit eating, that I could look like my friends and all would be well. 27 years and 300 lbs later, it obviously didn't work. I just wish I could spare my daughters the love/hate relationship I've had with food my whole life and save them that pain.

    1. What is happening to young girls today kills me. KILLS ME. And the fact that it's so common? Double kill. Congrats on your weight loss and your effort to be healthier- I commend you! And good luck with your daughters.


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