July 20, 2011

Things Remembered

When my precious little Spawn are grown and gone, I hope they remember...

*How I snuggled them to sleep every night. 

*How I swam and splashed with them every summer.

*How I chauffeured them to Lego Club, dance lessons, park day, ceramics class and more. 

*How I cut the crusts off of 5 million pieces of toast.

*How much I loved them.

But I really know that my little Spawn are going to be telling their therapists...

*That one time I made everyone cry when I yelled at them to go to bed.

*That when we swam, I wouldn't let anyone splash me because I needed to see out of my glasses.

*That our car looked like a mobile episode of Hoarders.

*That I secretly would have rather stabbed myself in the eye than de-crust one more piece of bread.

*That even when I felt like beating them, I always loved them.


  1. Silly! They won't need therapy. They'll just blog about it and let the whole world know how they feel.

  2. My daughter moved today into her first real apartment, she started crying when she was packing her stuff telling me she was going to miss me.

    I'll miss her but it'll be nice to just be the Big Tuna and I again after 22 years.

  3. LOVED this post! So true, there are two sides to everything in parenting. I hope my kids grow up and remember the good side to stuff! :)


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