July 12, 2011

Ladies, Do You Ever Get That Not-So-Fresh Feeling?

Well, I wouldn't know anything about that. You might want to get checked out by a doctor. I just said that to get rid of the menfolk- because I am talking about something feminine today. You know, feminine products.

I have been eyeing these Glad Rags on Hip Mountain Mama for a while now. For those of you who don't know, Glad Rags are reusable cloth menstrual pads, and they come in a variety of styles and colors. I decided I wanted to try them because I hate pads. Really, I hate my period. That may be wrong, since it gave me the ability to bear 3 beautiful children- but I still hate it. I hate cramps. I hate uncomfortable, itchy pads whose adhesive wings get stuck to your thigh. I just hate it all! I want to be pregnant the rest of my life so I don't have any more periods. Since that's not practical, I figured the least I could do would be to get rid of those icky plastic things.

Glad Rags are shaped just like a regular pad, and they're made of multiple thicknesses of soft cotton (and the night pad has a layer of terry for extra absorbancy). They wrap around your undies with wings that secure with a snap. I tried out the night pad, which offers more coverage. It was very comfortable and soft, and I didn't feel weird wearing it at all. There are some additional inserts included which sit behind the wings, and you can use as many as you need.
If you have ever thought about trying a more natural approach for your cycle needs, I highly suggest you try Glad Rags. Not only are they more comfortable, but you'll also be eliminating waste from landfills and keeping gross chemicals away from your delicate lady bits. Glad Rags wash easily by machine, and can even go in with your regular laundry. It washed up great and looked new again (I got the dark purple color). They definitely get Not Blessed Mama's seal of approval.

I did not receive this product for free. All opinion are my own, as always. I am doing this review as part of the Hip Mountain Mama Sisterhood, a group of ladies dedicated to living a better life and supporting a natural and sustainable lifestyle. And all that jazz.

I am also over on one of my favorite blogs today, World's Worst Moms. Go check out my shameful story, and submit one of your own! You'll love it over there. 


  1. Nice! I think I am going to try these! You rock!

  2. Its official: you are a totally hippie and there is no going back for you. :)

  3. Okay...here I go. I've changed my blogger settings and am going to attempt to comment. If it works, I will be back to comments for realz.

  4. Yay! It worked! As I said on the Twat, I had a very eloquent post about tampons and having a heavy flow and a wide set vagina and all that jazz, but now all I got is well, a wide set vagina and a heavy flow. I'm all about the environment, seriously ALL ABOUT IT, but pads would NEVER work for me. It'd be like trying to soak up Niagra falls with a cotton ball.

  5. Thank you for your review - I'm thinking i am going to have to try these in the near future.

    - LBJ


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