February 24, 2012

I'm Back- And With A Giveaway Too!

I haven't really talked about it much, but I get offered lots of opportunities for you, my dear readers. Lots of pictures from upcoming movies, coloring pages, invitations to Twitter parties. You'd be amazed at all of the companies that would allow me to spend my time and energy and blog promoting their product for free. It's so generous of them! Although recently an on-line clothing store offered up a 5% coupon for their website. That one was hard to pass up.

But finally, I have the chance to offer you guys something cool. Something useful! There's a new application on Facebook called Sneakpeeq. To sum it up, it's like a social daily deal application (although the deals last a few days). Sneakpeeq offers deals on lots of different items. I've been checking them out lately, and I've seen gorgeous jewelry, Say Yes to Carrots products, art, housewares, chocolates! And the cool folks at Sneakpeeq have offered me a $25 gift certificate to give away.  Yeay! Free stuff!

Here's the catch: NOTHING. You just have to join Sneakpeeq through this link:

You do have to be new to Sneakpeeq to be eligible to win (and in the US), but that's it. On March 2nd Sneakpeeq will send me the e-mail addresses of everyone who has joined, and I'll pick a winner at random. 

And just for joining Sneakpeeq through this link, you'll get a 20% off coupon. I've been having fun peeking at all the deals and earning rewards and special offers. I really do think you'll enjoy Sneakpeeq if you check it out!

Sneakpeeq has provided a $25 gift certificate for me to give away. They have not offered me anything else to buy my affections. I'm just doing it because I love you, and because I think they're super cool. 

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